“Cherokee” Jazz Standard 

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Cherokee Jazz Standard

“Cherokee (Indian Love Song)” is a traditional jazz song. The format of the song is A – A – B – A. The A section is predominantly in Bb. The bridge is in 4 Keys. They are B major, A major, G major, F major, and Bb major. The Bridge starts off in B major, which is the furthest key away from the home key of Bb. Next it modulates down in whole steps until the last modulation which is down a 5th to lead us back to the home key. 

On this recording of Cherokee Jazz Standard I am playing a Fender American Standard Jazz bass directly into the mixer. I am using GHS strings.


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“Cherokee (Indian Love Song)”

Written by Ray Noble

“A year before Billy May’s famous arrangement for the Charlie Barnet band turned this tune into a favorite vehicle for jazz improvisation, “Cherokee” was recorded by its composer Noble as the first of five-movements in his “Indian Suite,” which later included “Comanche War Dance” “Iroquois” “Seminole” and “Sioux Sue.” See also the flipside “By The Waters Of Minnetonka.” CD audio, originally issued on 78rpm: Brunswick 8247 – Cherokee (Noble) by Ray Noble & his Orchestra, recorded October 11, 1938″

– Rick Colom


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